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Heat insulation, lining, insulating and heat-resistant filling. Exfoliated vermiculite is used as heat-insulating filling under insulated surface temperature from -2600C to +11000C. Insulating vermiculite filling are widely used for insulating of heating units: • Removable panels of annular furnace covers • Outside insulation of glass furnace • Lining of roller furnace • Insulation of electrolyzers • Insulation of bricks kiln.

Construction. Exfoliated vermiculite is a bulk, heat and sound insulated natural material. Exfoliated vermiculite is an organic, nonflammable, high-porous product, used in mortars, plasters, and cement mortars and in hot-resistant concrete production.

Face finishing. Vermiculite is a decorative face finishing. Mica flakes shine great in the sun!

Heat insulation. Exfoliated vermiculite is a main component in warm mortars and plasters. Compared to sand mixtures and despite the simple compounding the cement-vermiculite solutions have a number of valuable properties: high porosity; lower volume weight in 2-4 times; lower coefficient of thermal conductivity in 4-6 times; possible usage on brick and concrete surfaces with layer thickness up to 25-30 mm.

Chemical production.Exfoliated vermiculite is a filling during transportation of chemically active substances. Vermiculite is a chemically neutral and organic material.

Metallurgical production. Due to such properties as high fusion temperature (13500C), low thermal conductivity, neutrality when interaction with molten metal the exfoliated vermiculite is successfully used in casting of iron and steel. Vermiculite in paper bags is placed on the bottom of the mold before casting metal. When the molds are filled with metal; paper burns and vermiculite rises to the surface and covers the exterior part. This can drastically reduce heat loss and increase the metal stay time in liquid state.

Fireproof, friction products. Vermiculite is a filling agent of friction, polymeric, varnish-and-paint products. Vermiculite is a finely dispersed. Fraction is 0-400 µm. It is a filling agent of friction products and fire-resistant mastics, paints, varnishes and coatings.