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Technical information

Application and main industry requirements to vermiculite

Fields Designed use Main requirements
Construction industry Light filling agent of concretes, plasters (including ornamental and fireproof), and wall panels, floorings, providing heat and sound insulation properties. Ruberoid dressed with vermiculite grit. All types of vermiculite Fraction 0.5-10mm Bulk weight up to 65-150 kg/m3
Energy sector, industrial heating and refrigerating industry Light vermiculite and vermiculite-bentonite and other coatings and formed parts, used for insulation of boilers, heat pipes and other energetic objects working at temperatures of 500-11000C and more Vermiculite fraction is 0.5-10 mm Bulk weight is less than 100-150 kg/m3
Metal industry Heat insulation of exterior part of ingot and liquid metal when casting in ingot molds, that provides the increase of suitable rolled product yield on 1-15% Lining material for electrolyzers, boilers, furnace etc. All types of vermiculite Fraction from 0.1 to 2-3 mm Weight 85-125 kg/m3 Vermiculite insulating board 400-600 kg/m3
Fire protection and fire resistant Increase of fire-resistance of load-bearing metal and wooden constructions, air ducts, shafts, partitions All types of vermiculite Fraction from 0.25 to 2-3 mm Vermiculite structural panel with fire proof with 0.5-4 hours
Production of fire proof cellulose fiber, wood chip boards Beautiful ornamental coloring, lightness, high fire proofness, ecological safety All types of vermiculite Fraction from 0.25 to 2-3 mm Bulk weight is not specified
Chemical industry Means for toxic gas collection, smoke filling machine of acid-resistant plastic, rubber. Shipment of active liquids and acids. Vermiculite fraction from 0.1 to 2-8mm Bulk weight is not specified
Agriculture Improvement of heavy soil structure and aeration properties; filling agent of fertilizers, preventing them from caking; vermiculite is a hydroponic medium for flowers and seedlings; medium for vegetable, fruit and flower bulb storage; filling agent of herbicides and insect-fungicides Vermiculite fraction from 0.2 to 3-10mm Bulk weight is up to 150 kg/m3
fraction grain size (mm) density (kg/m3) thermal conductivity index sound absorption index (at 1000 Hz)
0.5 (micron) -0.5+0.18 110-120 <0.05 0.20
1 (super fine) -1+0.35 95-105 <0.05 0.38
2 (fine) -2+0.71 90-100 <0.05 0.42
4 (medium) -4+1.4 80-90 <0.05 0.42
8 (large) -8+2.8 70-85 <0.05 0.42