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What is vermiculite?

About exfoliated vermiculite.

Vermiculite was first discovered in early 19th century, and only 100 years later this mineral received its industrial usage. Exfoliated vermiculite is used in economic activities.

Using vermiculite people produce insulating goods, sound-insulating materials (in aviation and car industries), lightweight concretes, decorative plasters. Besides, the vermiculite is used in production of wallpapers, rubbers, plastics, paint, chemicals and anti-friction materials. It is also an adsorbent of gas and liquid industrial wastes. It is used in nuclear energy as reflector of gamma radiation and the absorber of radioactive elements such as strontium-90, cesium-137, and cobalt-58

Vermiculite has a high level of water sorption of 400-530 % (100g of vermiculite absorbs 400-530 ml of water). It easily absorbs water and easily gives it to plants, creating an optimal environment for roots nutrition. This is why vermiculite serves for soil structure improvement, and it is even called “agricultural” rock. It is widely used in hydroponics

It is used as a component of fire-proof coverings; it is a heat-insulation filling agent of fire-resistant doors.

Biorefractory substance; is indestructible and not a subject for rotting by microorganisms; is not a favorable environment for insects and rodents. Chemically inert: neutral to alkalis and acids.