Тульская обл. г. Киреевск
+7 (800) 505-31-57
+7 (4872) 25-15-10



Our company is a leading manufacturer in Central Russia. We are able to produce about 100 cum of vermiculite of 10mm fraction per shift. Being direct manufacturer, we do not set high prices, we are always open for conversation.

Free for regions: +7 (800) 505-31-57

Phone number in Moscow:+7 (495) 744-64-73

Phone number in Tula:+7 (4872) 25-15-10

Moscow office: Krasnokazarmennya St, 17
Tula office: F.Smirnova, 28

Production plant in Tula region: Kireevsk city
Our production plant is located in Tula region (180km from Moscow), and it permanently expands. We build new shops every time when new product of our own development is ready for release.