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Exfoliated vermiculite


Article Product Grain size, mm Packaging, cum  
ВВ-1104 Exfoliated vermiculite, 1mm 0,5-1,5 0,075 Order
ВВ-1114 Exfoliated vermiculite, 2mm 0,5-2,5 0,075 Order
ВВ-1115 Exfoliated vermiculite, 3mm 2,0-5,0 0,075 Order
ВВ-1116 Exfoliated vermiculite, 4mm 4,0-10,0 0,075 Order
*In accordance with GOST 12865-67 sub-clause.1.1 grains of smaller or bigger size can be presented in medium or large vermiculite no more than 15% by weight. Grains of more than 0.6 mm can be presented in micron fraction no more than 20% by weight.

It is not a subject for decomposition and rotting by microorganisms.

It is an unfavorable medium for insect and rodents.

It is an ecologically-clean and sterile material.

It is non-toxic.

It does not contain heavy metals.

Storage – life is unlimited.

The product is certified.